Martin Bak's Boat Model


I have designed the boat and built it all by myself. The only thing I used was some pictures of the boat and some inspiration by all 5 seasons of Deadliest Catch. It took me about 800 hours (6 months) to build the boat and cost me 1300 dollars. Also, I'm an electrician and I decided to install remote controls in the boat and a sound module so it sounds like a several cylinder motor. That’s pretty cool! I also installed lights in the wheel house, bright spotlights in the masts, deck spot lights, starboard & aft lights and lots of other accessories including 50 pots handmade by copper wire. I have also made 9 king crabs out of beach shells and copper wire."

"I made the boat in a 1/40 scale, it's almost 100 centimeters long (39”), 30 centimeters wide (12”) and 50 centimeters high (20”). It weighs 15 kg (33 lbs) without pots and 16.5 kg (36.5 lbs) with 50 pots on board. There is a single electric motor with one propeller and it’s a strong motor. There are 4 deckhands and there is one captain Jonathan Hillstrand in the wheel house. (sorry Andy) ;). One of the reasons why I chose to build the Time Bandit is because I think it is a very cool boat, and crew. It is impressive that they always find the motherload of crab."

Martin Bak